Kickoff meeting

Dec 20, 2018 16:44

Kickoff meeting

The kickoff meeting was held on Friday, 5th of October 2018 in Patras, in the framework of the project "Development of an innovative integrated system for estimating the potential of biochemical production of methane (BMP) from different biomass sources - Green.BMP". The project joined the national funds in July 2018 in the framework of the "Research-Create-Innovate" call in the Operational Program "Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020".

Biogas production via anaerobic digestion has been assessed as one of the most energy efficient and environmentally beneficial technologies for bioenergy production. Nevertheless, there are many examples in the scientific literature, where methods of collecting, storing, measuring and calculating the volume of biogas or methane are poorly documented and subject to large errors. The primary goal of the Green.BMP project is to develop an innovative, reliable and user-friendly system for measuring the potential of biochemical methane production (BMP) from various substrates, which are of interest to both the scientific community and the energy sector. For the implementation of the project, an integrated process of computer-aided design using computer and soft-programming techniques will be used, aiming at the low cost of production and assembling of the final product, but of high quality, reliability, repeatability and robustness, in order to be competitive and to gain share in the market over standard gas analyzers. Finally, the project strengthens the links between research entities and enterprises in order to transform the accumulated knowledge into a commercial product

The project is implemented by Green Technologies Ltd. based in Patras (, the University of Patras, Department of Chemical Engineering, Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering and Environmental Technology, based in Patras ( and the University of the Aegean, the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering, the Integrated Industrial Design Laboratory ( based in Syros. The meeting was attended by representatives from all three partners and more specifically: Dr. Nadia Zafeiri (Engineer - Administrator) and Dr. Dimitris Zagklis (Engineer) for Green Technologies Ltd., Prof. Michael Kornaros (Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering), Dr. Panagiota Tsafrakidou (Researcher, Department of Chemical Engineering) and Mrs. Konstantina Tsigou (PhD candidate, Department of Chemical Engineering) for the University of Patras, Dr. Vassilis Moulianitis (Associate Professor), Dr. Nikos Zacharopoulos (Lecturer, ), Mr. Evgenios Skourboutis (PhD candidate) and Mr. Eleftherios Katrantzis (PhD candidate) for the University of the Aegean.

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